LIME REALTY GROUP has a busy weekend ahead and we’re excited and ready to include you in our plans.  As you can see by this pic, we’re ready to giveaway some cool Fidget Spinners and some gift certificates Saturday at Comics Plus for Free Comic Book Day!

We’ll be there at 11am and stick around for an hour or so.  We’ve also made the shocking and surprising decision to Live Stream our time at the Comic Store so you can see all of our awesome winners!  Hmmm, maybe we should change that to LIME stream!!!  Anyway, check out our Facebook page to watch the events as they happen in real time!

Despite a crowded city full of Ironman Triathlon racers and supporters, blocked streets all over town and the worst road construction ever, we plan on having an awesome time and we hope you will join us!

Come support one of our favorite small business’ and get a free comic!