LIME REALTY GROUP really blew the top off of it last week with our giveaways at Free Comic Book Day!  We had an absolute blast and after we left to go about the rest of our day, you wouldn’t believe how many folks we ran into that we met at the Comic Book store!  

What an awesome time!

For those of you who missed it, we “Lime” streamed the event and it’s now permanently on our Facebook page where you can watch it all happen again and again!

We had so much fun we’re trying to think of additional events to have just like it.  Maybe we will “Lime” stream some of our open house events!

Whatever we do, make sure you’re turning in and checking out what’s happening because a lot of people were sure glad we showed up last Saturday!

Lime is proud to be a community partner with a small business like Comics Plus!  We think they bring a special and unique quality to our area and make St. George something truly special!