LIME REALTY GROUP has another thing to consider for home shoppers today!  This is the sixth in our series and it’s a big one!


Let’s face it, a house could be the biggest investment you ever make in life, so make sure you understand the terms of your contract.  If there are any terms you don’t understand, ask your mortgage broker or real estate agent.  Any decent agent or broker will take the time to explain terms and exactly what they mean to you.  If they don’t, they aren’t working for you and you should consider firing them.  After all, there are enough people out there who are willing to help you and work hard for your business.

Contracts can be tricky and if during negotiations, you made certain requests a seller agreed to, you need to make sure these stipulations appear in the contract before you sign it.  Many is the time an unscrupulous agent or seller has omitted items from a contract for any number of reasons.  It’s important to be informed and have all of your questions answered before you sign a legal binding contract.  

Lime is a real estate company that cares a great deal about our clients.  You can rest assured we’ll take the time to make sure you get everything agreed to with the seller and that it’s covered in the contract.

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