LIME REALTY GROUP is back with another suggestion to consider when you’re shopping for your dream home.  Our second suggestion is so simple it’s almost laughable.

MAKE A LIST OF ITEMS TO CHECK – Last time we talked about what an emotional process buying a home can be and when you’re considering a home, you need to evaluate it without any emotional attachment.  And quite honestly, that can prove impossible for some.

The best way to avoid this pitfall is simple…  Make a checklist of what you absolutely have to have in a home, what would be nice to have and other essentials that you think might play a role in your decision.  Print copies of this checklist and take them with you as you visit different homes.

Consider taking pics of each house so you can reference back later on.  Especially items you can cross off your list.

If you fall in love with a home and your checklist shows it doesn’t have any of the items you considered must haves, then you will at least have the ability to stop and think about it rationally before making a spur of the moment decision you later regret.

Remember, shopping with an agent is also a smart move.  An agent will remind you to look for the items you’ve listed on your checklist.  So make the right choice.  The clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area.