LIME REALTY GROUP is pleased to bring you another tip in our series about things to consider when you’re shopping for a home.  This time we’ve got a good one!

Tip #3 is CONSIDER ALL THE EXPENSES WHEN YOU BUDGET FOR YOUR PAYMENT.  There’s so much more than just a mortgage payment a new home can add to your monthly budget.  And you really gotta be on the ball when it comes to making sure it will fit.

Don’t stop considering the principal, interest, taxes and insurance…  Think about things like utilities, cost of commuting and upgrades.  

You can find out how much your utilities will be by contacting the utility companies that service the property and ask for an estimate of what the cost will be, whether they offer budget plans or percentage plans.  Will the gas budget for your vehicle increase if you’re moving further away from your work or the places you frequently visit?  

When you sit down and look at costs like these, you’ll have a far more accurate view of the affordability of the home you’re looking at.

If you have any other questions on fitting a home into your budget, why not contact Lime directly and let us help you find out how much home you CAN afford.  Make the clear choice and call Lime today!