LIME REALTY GROUP is going to start another blog series with some tips for people who are in the market to buy a home.  We’ve got some points most people don’t think about as they’re shopping and a little foresight can go a long way to making sure you’re making the best choice you can when you finally pick the home you want.

The first tip we have for you is:  THINK AHEAD AND CONSIDER THE RESALE OF YOUR HOME – This is extremely important!  What’s your current situation?  Do you have kids?  Are you planning on having kids?  Are you caring for an elderly parent?  Are you single and looking mainly for convenience?

Think about your target audience when the time comes to sell the house.  If you buy a house in a bad school district or next to a busy street, most families with children will fall off of your list of potential buyers.  If you buy a house located in an area far from downtown or near shopping, entertainment or dining options, you might be cutting out young people looking for a first home.  Buying a home in an area with lots of children might exclude retirees or older people from your potential buyers list.

Take some time and consider the home and who you think would be the person next in line to buy it.

Let’s face it, buying and selling is an emotional process and people form a lot of attachments to their homes.  Asking a seller what is important to them about the location will help you determine what might attract a future buyer to the property.  There’s something special about every home.  Even if it’s just the memories you make while living there.

Check back with us later and we’ll give you another tip.  In the meantime, make the clear choice in Southern Utah and call Lime to buy or sell your property today!  Choose an agent who understands and cares about your attachment to your home.  Choose Lime!