LIME REALTY GROUP brings you yet another suggestion for ways to keep your children entertained over the summer holidays!  This time, we wanted to recommend swimming!  That’s right!  With so many public pools and aquatic centers available to residents of Southern Utah, there’s a pool near you and a good time waiting to be had by your kids!

Most of the public pools offer classes to teach kids to swim and most of them offer different types of passes.  You can buy a pass for a session of swimming or you can by other types of passes allowing your children to attend sessions on a more regular basis.  Some of the pools offer a quarterly pass.  This pass would probably get your child through the summer.  But if you enjoy swimming, why not consider an annual pass?  You can buy these for the whole family!

Whatever you decide, there are lots of pools and lots of hours of operation.  Choose the property closest to you and check out more information including rates and passes on their websites.  Here are some of the major pools in our immediate area…

Both Sand Hollow Aquatic Center in Santa Clara and the St. George City Pool near Dixie High School can be found on the same webpage.  Logging on can get you all the information you want including info on renting either one of the facilities for a private party.  Check them out at:

Washington City also has an aquatic center housed inside its community rec center and it’s a popular destination for residents of that community.  It stays pretty busy.  You can find out more info on the Washington City Aquatic Center including renting it for private or semi-private swimming at:

Hurricane City also has a public pool and you can learn more about business hours, rates and other things like classes and programs by checking them out at:

There are other swimming opportunities in Southern Utah and we’ll discuss more of those tomorrow.  Today we wanted to provide a resource for public pools.  Check out the different options and consider making swimming a Summer Of Fun activity for your kids!