LIME REALTY GROUP wants to first point out that the St. George City Pool we mentioned in yesterday’s post actually opens this weekend for the season!  You’ll be able to swim soon, so don’t forget to check that out.

Now, for more information on swimming, today we wanted to focus on some of the reservoirs and lakes in the Southern Utah area you can swim, boat or even fish in.  Taking a day and visiting some of these areas is also a fun way to keep your kids engaged and active over the summer holiday.  Here’s a great list of some places to go swimming that aren’t public pools…

Baker is a small lake on the Santa Clara River four miles north of Veyo on SR-18.  It’s a 63 acre lake with an average depth of about 20 ft.  It has lots of campgrounds and fishing.

There are two reservoirs in the Enterprise area.  The Upper Enterprise Reservoir is about 250 acres with an average depth of 50 ft.  The Lower Enterprise Reservoir is 79 acres.  It’s also popular for camping and fishing.

Gunlock Reservoir is two miles long and half a mile wide.  Its deepest point is 115 ft.  Once again, camping and fishing are popular here.

Kolob Reservoir is lovely and scenic with mountains and forest around it.  It’s about 20 miles north of Virgin.

Pine Valley Reservoir is also popular for camping and fishing.  It’s located west of Central.

Quail Creek Reservoir is a 40,000 acre reservoir.  Popular fishing and camping are featured and it’s also popular for swimming.  Lots of boating and other activities on the water.

The last recommendation we want to make today is Sand Hollow.  Pictured above, Sand Hollow is beautiful for swimming, fishing, boating and other activities.

It’s important to realize many of these areas will charge a fee to use the facilities or gain entrance to beaches.  Be prepared and consider buying a seasonal pass if you plan on visiting often.

A day on the beach and swimming out in the natural beauty of Southern Utah is a great activity and way to keep your kids engaged over the summer break!  Consider a trip today.