LIME REALTY GROUP has a new “Partners In Crime” blog today!!!  These entries focus on people, business and groups we’re affiliated with in the Southern Utah area.  

This lovely young lady is Sue Potter!  And just like Harry Potter, she can make magic!  Sue works for a mortgage lender called Bay Equity Home Loans.  We’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with her as some of her clients have bought homes from us.

Bay Equity has an excellent reputation in working with people to determine the best course of action to take when they pursue their dreams of home ownership.  They take the time to discuss each potential client’s situation with them and are responsible for creating a good faith estimate which most home shoppers use to place offers on properties they’re interested in.

They’re also great at putting together the right loan for the right customer and making sure you qualify as the process progresses.  She’s remarkable and one professional we’d recommend in a flat minute.

When you contact us to shop for a home and you don’t already have financing in place, Sue is someone we would take you to and help start the ball rolling.  She’s local to Southern Utah and is involved in the community.  

Sue Potter is one of our many partners in crime and we’re glad she’s around!  Thanks for making the day brighter for so many people, Sue!

To contact Sue, follow this link:

Or contact Lime, the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah and we’ll put you in contact with her.

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