LIME REALTY GROUP welcomes you back to another look at the Jubilee this year!  This time we’re going to show you something completely different…  Starting with a tree that definitely challenged the definition of a Jubilee tree.


Obviously, the isn’t a real tree.  It’s a towering stack of trays made to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree.  The branches certainly added a nice touch and tried to give the impression of a tree but let’s face it…  The real value in this “tree” was the additional merchandise it came with.  Barbies are generally quite expensive anyway and having this many…  Together, with accessories, would be a little girl’s dream come true this Christmas.  You have to hand it to this designer.  Knowing what the focus would be, they designed a “tree” that instead drew your attention directly at the items they were trying to sell you.  And make no mistake, it worked.

The next couple of pictures are wonderful because they demonstrate the spirit of giving that completely fills the Jubilee every year.  These trees are re-purposed.  These are trees that were auctioned off a previous year and are re-donated to sell at a discounted price in the next year.  Some of them still come with some of the merchandise included with the tree.  You never know what may find it’s way back so I always make sure to check this out.

Sadly, I didn’t get a pic of the next event I wish I could show you.  This year, the Jubilee had a group of mean who set up and elaborate train set and ran model trains on it for both kids and adult to watch and enjoy.  Next year, I’ll make sure we take some of those pics.  

Our last two pics today are of the gingerbread house we picked up this year.  Every year, these talented and amazing women use their baking skills to create the most amazing gingerbread houses.  We try to get one every year.  This year, I’m certain we walked out the the best house of the bunch.  It is without a doubt a complete work of art and I’m blown away!

Ok, tune in for more pics tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  We’ll see you at work, bright and early!