LIME REALTY GROUP is excited to show you some of the amazing photos we took this year at the Jubilee of Trees!  We hope you went and experienced the magic for yourself, but if you didn’t, here’s some of what you missed! 

This is Aladdin’s tree if he had one!  One of the most incredible things about bidding and winning a Jubilee tree is you get everything the tree is staged with!  Not just the tree and the decorations.  You’ll see why that’s important when we get to a couple other trees that came with some amazing bonus gifts! 

“Meet me under the mistletoe” inspired this lover’s tree!  It comes with that cozy bench and a sexy red theme that really makes it stand out!  There were some amazing trees, but this one really caught our attention.  It almost sparkles!

I’d say more than any other tree, this one reminded me of just how magical Christmas time can be for kids.  Ok, so yeah, it’s probably because of the giant Teddy Bear.  I admit, I wanted to take him home, but I left knowing someone had donated money to a worthy cause to get to spend Christmas with him.  


Whatever the reason, as a culture we seem to associate Harry Potter with Christmas.  Over Thanksgiving weekend, every single friend I was in contact with to send my best or just say hi was watching Harry Potter film marathons.  So Crazy.  But also very cool.  These two pics show off the World of Harry Potter tree!


Ok, so this is another tree you have to consider the bigger picture with.  Look at the amazing bedroom set with loveseat!  I thought this set was like a holiday honeymoon!  And I just imaged a pair of newlyweds spending their first holiday together bundled up in that luxurious bed and enjoying their tree.  Absolutely beautiful!


Although there are so many other trees still to show you I wanted to show this one because it really stood out from the others.  Sure it could be because of that dramatic star on the top, but the real reason I liked this tree so much is because the colors are so carefully thought out and balanced.  It maintains a lot of natural beauty while still celebrating the season!  Well done!

Check back tomorrow for more of our gallery and have an awesome weekend everybody!