LIME REALTY GROUP is ready to bring you another installment of our Jubilee pics.  This time we’ve decided to show you pics of trees designed to look like they’re outside rather than inside.  Here goes:


The first of these is a winter sports enthusiasts dream!  Not only does it look like it’s set up near a choice skiing area, there’s an entire selection of fun snow accessories like sleds, skis and snow shoes to choose from!


Next up, we have one that might be located in a town square.  On one side we see a horse drawn carriage riding past while on the other we see a group of carol singers huddled together under its mighty branches singing holidays favorites for passersby.

You can imagine this next one out deep in the forest where all of the woodland creatures gather to bask in the glow of this tree’s soft, Christmas glow.  I thought this tree was quite beautiful and it reminded me of one of the old Christmas specials I’d watched as a kid.  Frosty the snowman.  There’s a scene where they find all of the animals of the forest decorating their tree preparing for Santa.  Truly beautiful.

We have two more trees to show you today.  The first is this North Pole Roadside attraction!  Themed in a striking red, this one is a unique and exciting tree.  We really liked it too.

Finally, we have the tree out in front of the post office loaded with letters to Santa.  Those bags are stuffed full!!!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the third installment of our gallery and we look forward to sharing more in the coming days!