LIME REALTY GROUP wants to help you keep your kids engaged and busy this summer break.  There’s nothing more frustrating than a house full of bored kids during the long summer days.  Especially when you’ve got a busy schedule to maintain.  So we’re here to give you some ideas.

Some of them may seem more obvious like the one we’re going to talk about today, but we hope to include some more non-traditional and interesting suggestions as we go along.

Today we decided to push an old summer standby…  Swimming.

Most of the local pools have passes you can buy for your kids during the summer and they can visit the pool during opening hours as often as they like.  These summer passes may seem a bit pricey at first, but if they keep your kids engaged, active and out of your hair, it might be worth the price tag.

A lot of the local pools also offer classes you can sign you kids up for.  They can learn to swim or ways to improve their swimming skill depending on their age and experience level.  There are all sorts of classes offered for swimmers at any level and you can rest assured your little tadpoles will be able to learn at the level they’re currently at.

Although they’re not as accessible or near, there are also natural swimming options like Gunlock or Sand Hollow.  However, when you go swimming at any of those places, you’re into more planning and time.  With public pools readily available, there’s sure to be one no too distant from where you live.  Consider checking out the summer passes and get your kids a daily summer workout!

Remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area.  Make the right call today!