LIME REALTY GROUP has been looking into ways to keep your kids busy this summer and the other day we heard an interesting story on KNPR.  Although there’s no evidence this is going to happen in our area, we still thought it was cool enough to share with you.

Some movie theaters back East are offering summer subscription services.  For a monthly fee, the buyer gets a number of movie passes, specially priced concession items and can view certain summer showings of older films as often as they want.  

The service basically provides a place for kids to spend a few hours every day.  They can view special screenings of older films, (films that are already on DVD and Bluray) as well as the allotted number of new films.  I’m not sure exactly what that number is, but from what I understand, if the subscriber uses the viewing opportunities they’re given, it represents a significant savings from the full priced movie ticket.

It seems a lot of kids who live close to these theaters are escaping the summer heat and opting for a summer of movie madness.

As previously mentioned, our local theaters don’t offer a program like this, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they did?  You could drop your kids at the theater for  an afternoon and get all of your work done while they enjoy the air conditioned movie going experience!

It’s worth considering.  Of course, I’m sure it wouldn’t be something you’d buy just for yourself.  I barely see a movie once a month much less three times a week.  There’s no way I’d maximize the benefit of a subscription.  But…  Kids with a lot of free time on their hands could easily.

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