LIME REALTY GROUP believes it’s possible many of you aren’t aware of the Noble Collection and what they do.  They are licensed manufacturers of film and television novelty and replicas.  And here’s a huge tip…  If you buy directly from them, you usually get the best price for the item.

One of the huge sellers for this company are the Harry Potter wand replicas they sell.  They look just like the wands the characters use in the movies.  Warner Bros., the main film company, also sells the products the Noble Collection makes.  Of course, they change the packaging and put their logo on it and they jack the price up enormously, so if you want the authentic prop replica without paying an huge amount on eBay or through a second retailer like the Warner Bros. Store, you need to get familiar with Noble and just what they have to offer.

I’m including a promotional photo of one of the new wands they’ve just released.  This is the original wand of Albus Dumbledore.  Probably the one he bought at Olivanders in Diagon Alley when he was getting ready to start school.  He’s most commonly associated with what turned out to be the Elder Wand, but just for kicks, we see him using his original wand in the new Fantastic Beasts movies.  Here’s what it looks like:


And another really cool item they’re offering this holiday season is this awesome lifesize replica of the trident Aquaman uses in the new DC Comics film.  And it’s only $59.

You can visit the Noble Collection at and you can still order in time for Christmas and get free shipping!  You owe it to yourself and that die-hard movie buff in your life to check it out.