LIME REALTY GROUP has a great gift idea for you today!  Have you ever considered commissioning a one of a kind item from an artisan or craftsman?  The building industry is one of the main driving forces behind the unprecedented growth our community has seen.  And although work can happen here all year round, the building industry does have an off season.  And that’s around the holidays and wintertime.

It doesn’t last long and by the start of next year, most craftsman in the building trade will be working full tilt especially if they’re working on any Parade Of Homes projects.

But right now, a lot of them have spare time.  And that’s when you can sneak in and order something unique, original and amazing for a reasonable price.  

For example:

This incredible bed was made by the guys who do the cabinet work for Rock Solid.  Although this piece wasn’t “commissioned” in the strictest sense, (it’s a Christmas present), if you were looking for something like this, now’s the time!

All sorts of businesses might be willing to take on an extra project like this right now.  Think about it, decide what you want to do and shop around!  Good luck!