Renae Stucki Realtor decided to do something a little different today.  Partly because lately we’ve seen some amazing people set incredible examples and we’ve also seen some extremely horrible people behaving badly but earning recognition.  Given the choice, I think all of us with Renae Stucki would choose to be known for our character rather than something stupid or cruel we did.

As I thought about this, I watched Derek Jeter’s last game with the Yankees and I started thinking about his character.  And the legacy he was leaving behind.  I think this article by Jayson Moyer and Brett Pallotto sums up my thoughts exactly.  I’d like to share it with you today.


Many words come to mind when one would think about Derek Jeter:  effort, class, dignity and heart are a few that come to mind.
However, there is one that stands out above all else:  Winner!
The legacy of Derek Jeter is one that will never be questioned and is one that will never be touched.
Here’s one astounding number for you: 2,743
2, 743 is the number of games Derek Jeter has played in his career.  What is even more astounding about that number is he has played every single one of his games in the pinstripes of the New York Yankees.  Derek Jeter made his debut at the Yankees at age 20.  He finished his career as a Yankee at age 40.
Jeter is one of six players who have started playing with one team at age 20 and finished playing for that team after turning 40: Ted Williams, Stan Musial, George Brett, Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr.  Here is one word to descrive that list…  legendary.
Let us throw another number at you: 3,461.
3,461 is the number of hits Jeter has had in his career.  Only five players in Major League Baseball history have more hits than Jeter: Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Musial, Hank Aaron and Tris Speaker.  Jeter’s last hit: an infield RBI single at Fenway Park.
Here is a word for that list: iconic.
And here is one more astounding number: 2,673
2,673 is the number of games Jeter has played at shortstop in his career.  Throughout his entire career, Jeter did not play one other defensive position other than shortstop – not even in the 17th inning when the bench is running low.  It is the most games by any player in history at one defensive position, while never playing anywhere else.
Okay, let’s throw another number out there: 14
14 is the amount of all-star games Derek Jeter has played in.  And remember, he played 20 seasons.
A career 310 hitter, Jeter played in 16 postseasons.  His postseason batting average: .308 – including a lifetime .343 hitter in the American League Divisionial Series and a .321 hitter in the World Series.  Not too bad, if we do say so ourselves.
Speaking of the World Series, Mr. November has won five World Series championships in his career: 1996, 1998. 1999, 2000 and 2009.
Here’s another statistic:  Jeter played in the biggest baseball market in the United States.  He played for perhaps the most historic franchise in American sports history.  He played in the bright lights of New York City for 20 seasons!
Of all of those logistics, Jeter was never thrown out of one game – not one.  He never got into any off -field trouble.  None.  Can you come up with one other player in recent history with that kind of statistic to his career?  We doubt it.  One word for that: unbelievable.
Jeter will be remembered in the hearts of Yankee and baseball fans as a man who never took a play off.  Heck, in his final at-bat, Jeter was still sprinting his tail off down the first base line.  His heart, his dignity and his character will go unmatched forever.
We all have great memories of Jeter: “the flip,” “the dive”, “the jump throw” and “the swing to right field” are just a few.
The sports world has watched the final game of Derek Jeter’s, but with all of the memories he has provided us with, now is the time to cherish them because there will never be another player like Number Two.

I think what this article says the most is that this man created a legacy for himself from positive, upstanding qualities that he developed in himself.  He didn’t need to go to the dark side to find his true power.  And he will go down in history as one of the greatest baseball players that ever lived.

This is something we should all strive for.  And what better time than now to start finding ways to make ourselves into better people.  People who use strong character to make choices.

Let’s make it a goal.

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