LIME REALTY GROUP knows exactly what you’re thinking…  With school under a week away from being over, you’ve got three months of kids sitting around the house being bored!  How will you keep your kids entertained?

Well, never fear, we’ve got some suggestions!  Here’s a great webpage showing trailers for all the big summer blockbuster films.  Want the lowdown on what your kids are dying to see???  This page will tell you about them.

Not that dropping your kids off at a movie for a couple hours is the only distraction you can use to keep bored young people occupied.  The library offers story times for many age groups.  From toddlers to young adults.  It’s also a great time to consider getting your kids a library card and get them interested in reading.  A book can consume a great deal of time for a kid and increase their knowledge/learning skills.

Many local communities also offer sporting projects throughout the summer.  Consider letting your kids get involved in some of these.  Check with local municipalities to find out what options are available in your town.

There are also great pools and water recreation areas around town if your kids enjoy swimming.  Why not let them spend an afternoon swimming at Sand Hollow or the Washington City Rec Center?  St. George has a city pool open to the public and Veyo has one as well.  There are many options to consider.

With a little time and thought, you can make your kids’ summer holiday eventful, fun and one they’ll remember for life.