LIME REALTY GROUP recently did a blog about a podcast we were listening to and couldn’t get enough of.  Serial was a podcast produced by Sarah Koenig from NPR’s widely popular series, This American Life.  She told the story of Adnan Syed and how he was convicted of the murder of his former girlfriend, Hae.  Most of the evidence was highly circumstantial and the state’s case against him crumbles under close inspection.  However, attempts to get an answer as to what really happened have never resulted in a definite answer.

After months of examining the evidence, interviewing people and trying to find out more about the case, Koenig ended the series on a low note by determining we may never know what actually happened. 

For fans of the show who were interested in the narrative of the story, that final episode left us hanging wondering, “What next????”  To be honest, I’ve never felt more let down by any type of show I’ve watched or listened to as I did by this one.  I felt like I’d wasted my time investing so much in listening to the evidence and hearing all the information.  Did I believe Adnan was innocent?  I tend to think he is, but I think there’s more here we don’t know.  And not knowing, was agony.

But now, there’s:

This podcast picks up where Serial left off.  The Undisclosed team is comprised of the lawyer who initially contacted Koenig and brought the story to her attention.  Together with two other lawyers, the team breaks the evidence down further and continues to bring us new and breaking information on the case as it happens.

So far, they’ve already presented some highly convincing arguments that if presented at the original trial would’ve completely destroyed the state’s case against Syed.

If you want to listen to more compelling podcasts, check out Undisclosed and continue the story.  It’s worth your time and helps answer lingering doubts or questions you might have.  Lime, highly recommends this show.  What are you waiting for??  Go check it out!