LIME REALTY GROUP has been reading up on weather phenomena and we think we have a handle on why the weather is so hot this year and what to expect for the rest of the summer.

To start, let’s add a link to the weather channel’s summer forecast…

Now after you read the article you may still be wondering what it all means and we’re going to try to clear it up a little for you.

El Nino is a warm band of water in the Pacific Ocean.  This current shifts and changes throughout the year.  Usually, its cooling off cycle happens around Christmas, but this year, it’s happening late in the season.  The current is blowing all of its hot air across North America.  This occurrence usually means a mild winter for much of the Northern states, but with the summer already setting in, it means we’ll see record temperatures for the rest of the summer season.

This air current flowing across the country is a depression because the air is trying to cool down from a warm period of activity.  This could mean heavy rains in some areas.  But in that case, it would increase humidity levels.

Until the transition finishes, we’re looking at a hot (and in our part of the world), dry summer.  The most we can guess from what we’ve read is that it should be over in August.  Hopefully, that means a short summer.

But this isn’t the usual weather for Southern Utah and by no means a reason to assume every summer will be like this.  Don’t miss out on everything this amazing community has to offer just because of a something like this.  Be responsible and enjoy our community!  We’re still here, the doors are still open and the welcome sign is flashing brightly!