At Renae Stucki Realtor we’re betting some of you have heard these terms before.  But do you actually know what they mean?

Here’s some information 101 to sink your teeth into.  A listing agent is a real estate professional who is trained to understand the statistics in a market and make analytically sound suggestions for a seller.  Someone who wants to sell a property, home, business, etc.  The listing agent negotiates a deal with the seller to be paid a certain percentage when the sale occurs.  Now here’s where it gets tricky…  The listing agent’s top priority is to get the most amount of money as possible from the sale for their client.  That means, they will always act in the best interest of the party selling rather than buying.

The buying agent is the exact opposite.  They also work for a percentage of the sale, but they work in the best interest of the buyer.  They will understand the conditions of the sale, negotiate terms, search for the best possible concessions from the seller and will be able to compare data from sales of similar homes in the area to determine if the price is fair and a good value for the buyer.

So there is a difference between agents.  If you find a property you want, it’s always smart to have an agent on your side who will negotiate on your behalf and make an effort to get you the best deal they possibly can.  And vice versa if you are selling.  It’s a clear choice.  Don’t walk into a transaction unarmed and let someone get the better end of the deal because you were unrepresented.

Renae Stucki Realtor is a professional in the Southern Utah area who specializes in listing and buying.  She’s capable of fulfilling either function for her clients.  She’s smart, driven, loyal and passionate about making sure she’s getting you the best possible outcome.  Her motto is, “Making your dream home come true!”  You won’t go wrong with a pro like this on your team.  Call today!