At Renae Stucki Realtor, we pay attention to what’s happening in the world of housing and a recent article in the Wall Street Journal caught our attention the other day.  

During the recession, many condo developers began renting out units they’d built and were standing empty.  It was a way for developers to make money and continue their projects without losing their shirts.  However, in recent months, the rental condos inventory across the country has started to decline.  Including condos owned by investors.  Many of them are now selling off the properties to buyers who are snatching them up at an enormous rate.

Condos have the distinction of being a more affordable property and are often in the price range of young families just starting out or older people looking for a smaller place to retire.  They offer the advantage of little to no maintenance in the area of landscaping and generally have all the advantages of a regular home. 

There are condos in St. George and they’ve kinda dropped in popularity compared to townhomes; which seem to be more in demand in this area.  However, that may not continue to be the case.

There are plenty of Utah developers pushing local government to zone areas for condo development.  With  so much interest in building these kinds of properties, affordable housing may continue to be available in Washington County.  What better time could there be to get out there and start shopping for you new home?  Call today!