LIME REALTY GROUP is so excited to announce that an album by Utah recording artist Mindy Gledhill that we discussed in a previous article has finally been released!  “Rabbit Hole” is officially released as of today!  You can purchase it online through Gledhill’s shop or through other online streaming services.  She’s offering both a CD and Colored Vinyl version of the new record!  Here’s the link to her official store if you want to check out what’s available:

Here’s the cover of the new record and just for fun, we’re going to include a link to the official lyric video of her new single, “Boo Hoo”.

We love the new direction she’s taken and the interesting arrangements we’re hearing on this exciting album!  Hopefully, you’ll take some time to discover for yourself just what an amazing artist she is!

Live concert dates are also coming up, so check out the album and consider attending one of her shows!  The Rabbit Hole Tour promises to be something truly special!

And remember, Lime is a huge believer in community and supporting local artists like Gledhill!  Make the right choice today and call Lime!