LIME REALTY GROUP stumbled across Forbes Magazine’s “Best And Worst States To Make A Living In 2015” and not surprisingly, Utah made the top ten this year.  Grabbing the #10 position, Utah asserts itself as a state where workers are earning decent wages and living a higher standard of living than the national average.

Although there are still 9 states in front of us, the degree of separation in the top 10 isn’t as great as you would expect.  As a matter of fact, Utah stands a pretty good chance of moving up this year and capturing the spot of one of those other top 9 states.

Not surprisingly, Hawaii rounds out the list as the worst state for workers.  People in Hawaii literally take home about .55$ of every dollar they earn.  They are taxed almost half of their income.

You can check out the article and read more by clicking on the pic below…

Check out some of the other states who made the top and bottom of the list and then consider contacting a member of our team so you can make your move to a top state, Utah.  The clear and only choice for real estate is Lime.  Make the right choice today!