LIME REALTY GROUP wants to give you some tips on staging a home for sale and keep the cost down.

It’s true that staging a home increases its value on the open market, but the whole process can be expensive.  If professional staging isn’t in your budget, never fear because it’s entirely possible to do some DIY staging that won’t break your bank and here’s some of our suggestions to help you do exactly that!

#7. Give The Bathroom A Face-Lift.  Kitchens and Bathrooms are huge selling features in homes and if your bathroom isn’t looking up to par, there’s a few ways to spruce it up without completely gutting the whole room.  This is especially true for outdated bathrooms.

First, consider painting the existing cabinetry.  Even if it’s wood stain, you can use light sandpaper to sand off the sealant and scuff the surface up enough that it will hold a solid coat of paint.  Once again, consider neutral colors and keep it simple.

New hardware is another way you can modernize your bathroom.  Invest in some new faucets and handles.  You’ll be amazed at how different the room will look after you’ve done this.

You can also find some ready made back splash tiles at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Adding a back splash will really make your sink and countertops pop!

Finally, consider a cloth shower curtain if the room will allow for one.  Suddenly, that old bathroom looks like a brand new creation!  Give it a shot!

And remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area.  Make the right choice and call Lime today for all of your real estate needs!