LIME REALTY GROUP is wondering what you’ll be doing today around 10am.  Because if you aren’t outside watching the eclipse, then you’re really missing out on a treat.

Although we aren’t in the sweet spot where we’d have a total blackout of the sun, we’re darn close and you’ll see a major portion covered.

The eclipse is estimated to occur at approximately, 10:11 am.  That’s only a couple hours away.  You can read more about the eclipse and how to get the most out of the experience by checking out this website:

The one thing we absolutely want to stress is the necessity of wearing appropriate eye protection while you enjoy this event.  Even brief exposure to direct eclipse sunlight can cause scaring on your eyes.  

So make sure you’re covered and get out there and experience something truly unique.  And then come back and read out next staging tip which oddly enough is all about light!