LIME REALTY GROUP here with another tip for home buyers!  This time we have a great one and one most people never consider.


Tip #5 – RESEARCH FUNDING AND GRANTS!  One of the things people don’t realize when they start considering a home or how they’re going to qualify for a mortgage are the types of funding…  Loans and grants they may qualify for.  In some instances, you can qualify for housing grants on a local, state or even federal level based on your profession or even income level.  It’s free money you’re just passing up.  There are all sorts of criteria.  From location such as rural or farming areas to whether you’re a first time home buyer.  There are so many options.

Locally, each year, there are local grants that help pay your closing costs to get people into homes.  They usually go pretty quickly, but that’s because agents at Lime know about them and help our clients get them!  We move fast to capture as much of that pool of funds for our clients as we can!

That’s another great reason to consider Lime when you’re thinking about a new home.  We will look at all sorts of possible funding to help you get the home you’re dreaming of.  Call today!