LIME REALTY GROUP is a huge fan of music and we’re really excited about some of the amazing releases we’re seeing this year!  

Let’s start with the reissue Deluxe edition of Prince and the Revolution’s chart topping mega hit, “Purple Rain”!  The soundtrack to the movie of the same name, “Purple Rain” was a phenomenal hit that catapulted Prince to rock superstardom overnight.  Prince has always resisted the urge to release earlier albums with bonus content or in deluxe editions until now.  Shortly before his death, he was working with Warner Bros., to come up with a package of bonus material for a Deluxe Anniversary release of the iconic album.  And that day has finally arrived.

The deluxe packaging for “Purple Rain” is a four disc set.  The first disc includes a digitally remastered recording of the album.  The second disc is an unreleased disc including many tracks recorded during that time with his band The Revolution.  The third disc includes all single edits and b-sides from the record as well as mixes.  The final disc is a live DVD of the “Purple Rain” tour.

But that’s not all.  Another of the most influential albums of all time is also getting a Deluxe edition release.  And this time, it’s the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

For those of you in the know, “Sgt. Pepper” was originally recorded in mono form.  This groundbreaking masterpiece received a hasty stereo mix at the time, but it was hardly worth mentioning.  Very little time and attention were spent in creating the mix.  Because it was intended to be listened to in a mono format, there’s not many options when it comes to creating a fuller stereo sound today.  And yet, somehow…  They’ve done it.

The six disc boxed set includes a new stereo mix of the album created using additional studio recordings and demos.  The second and third discs contain additional recordings from the studio sessions.  Disc 4 includes the direct transfers of the original mono mix.

The final two discs are a blu ray and DVD of the promotional films (Music videos) of the songs and a previously unreleased documentary film broadcast in 1992 about the making of the album.  The film includes interviews with McCartney, Harrison and Starr and in studio footage introduced by George Martin.  This is an exceptional release for music lovers all over the world.

So if you’re a music fan…  This is an amazing time to be around.  You’ll get to hear more complete and exciting versions of some amazing music.  Check it out and remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah.  Call today!