LIME REALTY GROUP is first to admit it can get unbearably hot in Southern Utah during the summer.  And one of the absolute worst things that can possibly happen to you is your AC unit breaking down or finding the place you’re living in is under-equipped to cool down the space.

One of the first things we notice about our buying clients during the summer months is the level of concern they express about having excellent HVAC systems!  In fact, many will insist on testing the units before putting in an offer.

All of this attention to keeping cool made us come up with a crazy idea that just might keep YOU cool for years ahead!

With warranties in place after a new home is built and the expectations of the brand new systems including the AC working problem free for years…  Why not go crazy and buy yourself a new home this summer???

Or…  Head on over the the movie theater and sit down in a cool theater for a couple of hours and enjoy a cold beverage.  Spider-man was amazing!