LIME REALTY GROUP is more than just a real estate company.  We’re also a group of family and friends who feel a desire to share reasons why we love living in the American Southwest.  And this exciting event is one of them.

The 48 Hour Film Project is taking place in Las Vegas, NV starting tomorrow, July 10 and running through the July 12.  Now that’s just the actual film time.  Afterward, the films will be screened at the Century 18 Theater at Sam’s Town.  Screenings will be held July 21 and 22.

Here’s the premise…  Participants draw genre categories at random.  Certain cinematic themes must be present in each film.  Once the individuals draw their genre, they’re given 48 hours to finish their film.  Of course these films are pretty short; between 4 and 7 minutes in length, but that still makes it an exciting challenge.

Winners move on and have their films shown at national and international festivals.  There’s an opportunity to get involved by making a film and then there’s the chance to watch some of these interesting movies when they’re screened.  On August 4, there will be a screening of the winners and the best films submitted.  That will also be at the Century 18 theater.

For more information, you can go to their website:

Now you may be asking, why bring up something like this?  And the answer is simple…  Even though Las Vegas is an hour or so away, it’s still a place we go for entertainment purposes.  Whether it’s a concert or a show, we’re still part of that community.  Our public radio station is the Nevada public radio station and our economy is somewhat tied to Las Vegas.  But the main reason we bring it up is because Southern Utah filmmakers will also be participating in this project.  And it’s one more example of the environment we live in.  An environment that encourages and supports arts and creativity.  That’s always something worth talking about.  And something to be proud of.  Southern Utah is famous for its support of the arts.  With our own art festivals, theater and music venues, our area is full of opportunities and support for people with artistic vision.  And that’s a great reason to live here!

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