LIME REALTY GROUP found this interesting article about why millennials and Gen-Xers aren’t in the market for buying homes.  We think it’s interesting because it suggests the recession is the cause for hesitancy among these younger people.  They experienced the devastation of family’s loosing their homes and the difficulty people ended up having with non-traditional mortgages.  Because of this life experience, many of them aren’t keen to jump into the housing market for fear of running into the same problems.

You can read the full article here:

The reason we bring this up is because our experience has been a little different.  In this area, younger couples and people have been buying homes.  More so because many properties are suddenly within their grasp thanks to declined prices and lower interest rates.

The national average may be impacted by this lack of ownership interest by persons who can identify themselves in these two groups, but our area… Southern Utah, continues to defy the national trends.  Maybe it’s because so many young people growing up in this area are accustom or raised to view home ownership as a good thing rather than a risky investment.

No matter what the reason, we continue to see, encourage and support young people who are shopping for homes.  They are the future of our community and it’s wonderful to see them buying homes and raising families.  Laying down roots in Southern Utah is a great thing to do.  Even if we say so ourselves!

Lime continues to be the best choice for real estate in Southern Utah and with so much of our team in the Gen-X generation, we understand and relate to the concerns of the those people mentioned in the article.  If you have a worry or concern about buying a home, contact us today and let us help you with your decision.  Pick Lime!