LIME REALTY GROUP has decided to write some blog posts about things to do during the hot summer ahead.  Ways to keep yourself and your kids engaged and busy.  Today, in our first entry, we want to hit on a topic we’ve been discussing a lot lately.  And we’ll explain a little bit why we think it’s a good idea.  Also, although this can be an awesome diversion for adults, you’ll see this more as an idea for your kids….  

Just a couple weeks ago, we sponsored some giveaways with one of our community partners, Comics Plus!  We think this shop is an amazing and unique small business that offers a wonderful product for so many reasons.

And with that, we suggest…  Comics.

Now, here’s why…

During the summer time, kids will often forget school and get caught up in their own activities.  It’s a rare student who tries to maintain their  academic growth during the summer downtime.  But comics are a way you can engage your kids, keep them reading and advancing without making them feel like their doing something like schoolwork.

Most of the big Hollywood blockbuster films this summer are connected to comic book franchises.  With that much advertising weight behind a book kids actually have to read, you’re almost guaranteed your kid is gonna end up with their nose in a comic.

The great thing about comics is they continue the story from the film or give you a better perspective on what’s actually happening.  You can find the original stories that have been adapted for film in the pages of these books and more often than not, the comics are much better than the films.  Or at the very least, more time consuming.

I find I’m often able to carry on conversations with my nieces and nephews about movies they’re watching and loving because I already know the stories from the books.  Surprisingly, today’s comic books are usually written for an adult audience.  That doesn’t mean the books are graphic or extremely violent, (although their are books out there like that), it means the storylines are more complex and the reading level is much higher than it used to be.  

Even Scholastic writes that teachers report more success in engaging students to read when there are comic books and graphic novels available as options.  It’s important to also realize, kids who read comic books don’t limit themselves just to that medium.  They will often start to seek out other books and other sources of material to read.

So here’s a great way to keep your kids reading during the summer.  Head on over to Comics Plus and be smart.  Take advantage of Dave’s presence and talk to him about the books your kids are interested in.  He’ll steer you away from books with more adult themes and language and help you find a book your child will enjoy for years to come!

That’s one suggestion, but hang on, we’ve got more!  Check back soon for another great idea!