LIME REALTY GROUP is proud to express our gratitude to the great men and women of the armed forces who work so hard to help our country remain free!  We think you’re all amazing and you have our full support!

Memorial Day in its very nature is a sad holiday.  And it’s come to mean so much more than just remembering our fallen soldiers.  Many people associate it with the love of any loved one.  And that’s understandable.  Those feelings are universal and so powerful.  So it doesn’t matter who you’re remembering today, just take some time and think about those you’ve lost and the impact they’ve had on your life.

And whatever else you do…  Stay safe and be kind to each other out there.

Now it’s time for our Health Tip…  It’s brought to you by the US Dairy Council and the incredible band blowing up the charts as we speak…  White Gold.  Enjoy this video and hopefully, you’ll learn something about the benefits of milk.  Have a great day Everybody!!!