LIME REALTY GROUP is incredibly sad today about the death of Rock Superstar and Legend, David Bowie.  What a horrible story to wake up to this morning.  Although most of us weren’t around during his rise to fame in the 70’s, we remember the David Bowie of the 80’s.  Labyrinth, China Girl, Let’s Dance and Blue Jean…  We also remember him fondly from the 90’s and beyond.

Just last week, one of our team members was talking about seeing Bowie in concert back in the 90’s in Vegas.  He’d been on tour with another band that was popular called Nine Inch Nails.  His memories of the show were stunning and we watched Youtube clips of songs performed on that tour especially the duets between the two artists.

Bowie was a unique and talented artist.  It’s hard to believe there might be someone out there who doesn’t actually own at least one of two of his records.  He became a household name and inspired an entire generation of musicians.

It’s always incredibly sad when talented people of vision die.  The world seems to diminish with the loss of their creativity.  And yet Bowie’s legacy will live on in the music, videos, movies and art he’s left behind.  He’ll continue to inspire well into the future.

So we’ll take a moment and say “Thank you” to the thin white duke for all of the memories and good times we’ve had the fortune to share over the years.

Here is a cover of “Blue Jean” performed by one of our favorite bands, Electric Six.  Enjoy the music!