LIME REALTY GROUP is pleased to bring you our final installment of our Jubilee of Trees gallery.  We’re not going to come up with a theme for this one…  Rather we’ll let the remaining trees speak for themselves.


We’ll go over these in pairs.  Although each of these trees has a card and information on the design, the theme isn’t always obvious.  For me, when it comes to a Christmas tree, subtlety isn’t the best policy.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year so get out there and push whatever you’re pushing…  Sell whatever you’re selling and enjoy it all.  Some of these remaining trees are like that for me.  I didn’t get a strong impression from them.  These two are perfect examples.  I’ve started referring to the second tree as the Joy tree because it’s the most attention grabbing aspect of the tree.  


Now these next two are slightly more interesting.  I love the radiant glow of the white tree.  It seems to have a lighthouse feel to it.  The second tree felt the most genuine and real of the whole group.  The evergreen stands out so dramatically against the gold ornaments and tinsel.


Here we have a colorful tree.  I was tempted to add this one in with the toy trees because it has colors children would love.  But I didn’t.  It’s quite nice and a tree I wouldn’t mind having in my own home.  The second tree has become the Owl City tree to me.  The dark background and the deeper colors…  I love the starscape and how it sets this tree off in a way none of the others could capture.  This is one I found astounding and really enjoyed looking at.  The problem is, it doesn’t really fit in with any of the others.


Next up we have two trees that are very different.  The first is themed around the three wise men while the second appears to be a tree that magically teleported to the Jubilee via a 1970’s Disco!  I love the sparkles and the flash!  Very retro and cool!


Finally, we the picnic tree as I’ve come to call it and the manger tree.  The first is wonderful with the red accents, but the second tree is the one I really found myself drawn to.  The infusion of silver, gold and other royal colors made this tree really stand out in a profound way.

The Jubilee was really special this year and if you missed it, you should set a goal to make it next year.  As you can see, it’s so worth it.

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