Renae Stucki Realtor found this interesting article in the Salt Lake Tribune about the growing demand for housing in Utah.  You can read the article, HERE.

I think what makes this article interesting is the fact that people are starting to move to Utah.  One of the driving factors would be the availability of jobs and the fact that Utah’s economy did rather well during the recession.  It remained stable and maintained lower unemployment rates than the rest of the country.

Another driving factor may be the internet.  Everytime you see a list of places to live or great places to retire, either Northern or Southern Utah shows up on the list.  Basically, clean environments, low crime rates, stable economies and beautiful scenery are driving people to choose Utah as a place to call home.

The article also suggests the growth to another bubble in the real estate market may be years away.  That means the buying and selling in Utah will remain steady for the foreseeable future.  People can get into the market without getting in over their heads.  And the potential to lose your head by taking a mortgage beyond your ability to afford.

Whatever motivates people to move here, one thing is certain…  They’re coming.  And as people move into the communities, the competition for available properties will go through the roof.  So take your time now and start looking.  Contact Renae Stucki and let her help you develop a strategy to get the home you want today!