LIME REALTY GROUP wanted to let you know today is the anniversary of the first publishing of the German book, Die Unendliche Geschichte, or in English, The Neverending Story.

Many of us remember this book because we saw the movie when we were children and loved it so much we became avid readers and followers of Bastian Balthazar Bux and Atreyu.

There are a couple of interesting tidbits we wanted to share with you.  First of all, Atreyu’s character inspired a California band to change their name from Retribution to Atreyu.  After six studio albums, the group is still going strong and still using the Atreyu name.

Another band, Listener’s album “Wooden Heart” is heavily based on and influenced by the book.

Music wise, the theme song for the film was a huge hit for Kajagoogoo singer, Limahl.

Written by Michael Ende and published on this date in 1979, the book was translated by Ralph Manheim for English readers in 1983.  Shortly thereafter, it was optioned for a film and has since produced sequels, animated series, an opera, a ballet and more books written by other authors that take place in the fantasy realm of Fantastica.  It’s also been adapted for the theater.

There’s no denying this book has had some impact on the world today and we’re still under its spellbinding influence.  So take some time and think back on this blast from the past!  And remember, Lime is and always will be the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area.