LIME REALTY GROUP remembers hearing about the time when the highway to Las Vegas ran through Santa Clara…  A small town outside of St. George.  Back in those days, fruit stands lined the main street of this quaint little hamlet and the locals sold their produce to travelers heading west or back east.

Of course, after the 15 interstate went through, most of the fruit stands disappeared.  But Wanda Frei, owner and operator of Frei’s Fruit Market, continued to cater to the local citizenry.

We remember, as kids, going through Santa Clara and stopping to get a fruit punch or lemonade along with an apple or a peach.  Wanda’s was a huge part of our childhood.

Nowadays, Frei’s Fruit Market is run by her grandkids and continues to be a landmark for the city of Santa Clara.  They even have a website where you can find out what’s in season.  This coming weekend, they’re expecting fresh peaches!  You can’t miss out on that.

Check out the website here:

Frei’s is one of the things that makes Santa Clara such a unique and interesting place to live.  It’s also the type of small local business we at Lime love to support and recognize!  So next time you’re driving through Santa Clara, pull over at Frei’s and check out the goods!  You won’t miss them!