LIME REALTY GROUP has offered some advice to keep you clear of cold and flu season.  We’re going to offer more in the coming weeks.  We’re also sad to see the Jubilee of trees end this year.  We certainly enjoyed attending and will share our photos of the event in a huge holiday post in the next couple of days!

Today, let’s talk about stocking up.  More than any other state in the nation, Utah is an example of individual preparedness.  Utahans go to great lengths to be ready for anything.  That includes food storage and other types of survival gear, etc.

Medications certainly aren’t expected or intended to last to the same lengths of time most food storage and other emergency supply items will; but you can be prepared on a much smaller level.

When cold and flu season starts up, make sure you have enough medication for what you might need stocked up somewhere in your home.  If the medication is on hand when you start to experience symptoms, you can usually get it under control quickly.  The longer it has to take hold, the more difficult it will be to fight off.  So nip it in the bud!

It’s also a great way to avoid going outside and making it worse or spread it to others.

Ok, we’ll have more tips in the coming days.  Keep checking back!  And remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area.