LIME REALTY GROUP wants to help you get through this cold and flu season with little to no problems!  And we’re doing that with some tips will hope will make this year just a little better than last year.  Over the next few posts we’ll share some tips we’ve found online that we think are great and will help for sure!

The first tip we have for you is wash your hands!  And we mean frequently and thoroughly.  There’s a good reason for keeping your hands sanitized and clean throughout the day.

Most of the virus’ and germs that are going around this type of year are spread through your own hands to areas that open into the body like your ears, mouth, eyes and nose.  The best way to avoid getting them in your system is to prevent your hands from getting contaminated with them in the first place.

This simple act can spare you the harshness of being sick this time of year.

The second tip we can give you is make sure you get your flu shot.  For some people, this is an absolute requirement while others never even considering getting one.  No matter which side of town you live on, or if you see a doctor for regular checkups, there are easy ways to make sure you get one.  These flu shots are constantly changing to combat new strains of these virus’ and can go a long to minimizing the length of time you’re down if you do end up catching something.

There’s something to think about.  Check back with us tomorrow and we’ll have more suggestions for you.

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