In an effort to stay current on all things pertaining to the real estate market, Renae Stucki Realtor found this article on CNN’s Money page.

Even though the pace of home price increase is slowing overall, August posted the highest annual gain since the bubble burst.  Expecting numbers to be higher for September and October as well…

The article goes on to talk about how we’re still not quite back where we were during the price increases of 2006, but we’re moving back in that direction.  For more information, read the article HERE.  

One interesting fact is towards the end of the article where they talk about some of the areas appreciating quicker than others.  The area experiencing the most growth in recent months is Las Vegas.  If you’re at all familiar with the St. George, Southern Utah, Washington County area, you know our economy and housing is quite often similar to what’s happening in Las Vegas.  

Most communities in Utah follow the trends set by the northern cities like Salt Lake and Provo.  St. George area is a little different.  This area is more heavily influenced by what’s happening in Las Vegas.  Probably because we’re closer to this metropolitan area rather than the cities in the northern part of the state.

No matter how you choose to view this news, one thing is clear…  The time to buy a home and the options for a great deal are starting to run out.  You need to act now.

Call Renae today and let her help you get started on finding your dream home before it vanishes in a puff of smoke.  It’s your time.  Make that dream home reality.