It’s that time of year again!  And Renae Stucki Realtor is excited to share wonderful news!  Just this week we’ve helped a couple clients buy their dream homes and we’ve been able to facilitate some sales for clients as well.

As I was driving through town this afternoon, I noticed the streets were filled with brightly colored leaves falling from trees and it made me wonder at just how much this magical place is similar to other communities.  

Because we live in a desert region, we don’t have the dramatic change of seasons that occurs in other places.  We don’t see lots of snow and super cold temperatures.  Because we don’t share a lot of the same foliage as other places it can be hard sometimes to see the obvious signs of fall kicking in.  And yet, in downtown St. George, you can see it just as dramatically as if you were riding a bicycle down a town lane in New England.  And some of the smaller communities around us also have some incredible scenery.  Santa Clara has some incredible colors in the leaves along the town main street.  Also check out some lesser recognized places like Springdale and Rockville.

This is an amazing place to winter.  And it’s true, we are a popular winter destination.  Many people come from up north to spend the winter months in St. George and who can blame them.  Less traffic, less pollution, amazing views…  We really are the place to be.

So if you’re considering a first time home or a second home for the winter, consider talking to Renae Stucki.  She can find your solution to the Winter blues and help you appreciate Autumn again.