LIME REALTY GROUP can see the changes a-comin’ and it’s not always pretty.  But this year, it looks good!  Because it’s that time of year when a lot of people’s hearts and minds turn away from the cold weather and start to focus on the upcoming trends in building as they prepare for and attend the Southern Utah Parade of Homes!

And around this time of year, a young man’s heart will often turn to…  You guessed it…  Baseball!!!

But never fear!  Because we’ve got you covered.  Isn’t it a shame you can’t take these totally different events in life and combine them?  You could take all of the energy men and women of all ages throw into baseball and use it to energize the housing market and the new designs, products and ideas coming from local builders!  We could revolutionize the building/real estate industries forever and get people excited about building and buying!

Although we haven’t quite figured it out yet at Lime, we do embrace both the building aspect of our industry and the seasonal sporting events that begin to take place in St. George.  And one of these days…  Mark my words…  We’ll find a way to bring all of the excitement and fun of baseball; whether it’s Little League or Major League, and make your real estate experience one you’ll never forget.  And one you’ll also enjoy!

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