LIME REALTY GROUP is pleased to inform you of some of the important upcoming events in Southern Utah.  The first even being Salt To Saint.  This is a bicycle relay from Salt Lake City to St. George.  Consisting of 8 rider teams, the event is scheduled to take place from September 23 to the 24.


On October 01, 2016 we have the next St. George Marathon scheduled to take place.  Initially, the marathon became famous because it was the final qualifying marathon for the Boston Marathon.  It’s no longer the final qualifying, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of marathon runners across the country.  Famous for the fabulous weather and incredible scenery, this popular marathon will once again take place in dramatic Southern Utah.
And beginning on the 2nd of October, the Huntsman World Senior Games open and run through the 15th.  This senior events include competition in everything from Archery to Tennis and Softball.  These games have become a huge draw for visitors to Southern Utah and we look forward to attending some of the events this year!  
Take some time out of your schedule and enjoy some of these sporting events in the St. George area!  We’ll see you there!