LIME REALTY GROUP knew something was up yesterday when we walked outside and all of our open house signs were blowing away!  Between the wind and the rain, we were pretty sure summer was over and guess what???!!!

We were right.

Yesterday was officially the first day of the Autumn season!  So we’re out of the hot summer and into the normally mild and pleasant Autumn/Winter months.  However, if yesterday was any indication of what the rest of the season is going to be like, we might not enjoy such a mild holiday season this year.

One thing is certain…  Even with our evergreen plants and trees, you can still feel and see Autumn happening all around you.  It may take on a more subtle form in Southern Utah, but it’s no less dramatic.  Autumn colors are a year around color palate for this area.  Just look at our marvelous red rock mountains and sand dunes.

Now’s the time to get out and enjoy the area to its fullest.  It’s also time to find your new home before the holidays.  Time to get shopping!  Call Lime today!