LIME REALTY GROUP has commented endlessly about the subtle milder seasonal changes we have at this time of year.  As we transition between Autumn – Winter and Spring so many of the physical signs of these transitions is lost on us.  We just don’t see them that often.  After you’ve lived here awhile you start to pick up on the subtleties and begin to understand it through smell, a deep inhale of air or even just the way your skin feels one day…

But one thing is true!  Because of the astounding picturesque environment we live in, there’s never been a better time to explore some home ownership options and one of the first things you do if you decide to build instead of buy is find yourself a lot!

This is a great opportunity to see what some of the views a lot of southern Utah neighborhoods are enjoying.  Let us take some time to show you around and see for yourself the reasons why we’re still such a popular place to move to.

Let’s take the time during this incredible weather to choose the exact lot you want to build your house on!  And let Lime make that a reality!