LIME REALTY GROUP loves music and we’re not only fans of the exciting Electric Six, we’re also friends!  So this time around we bring you a rather unique gift Idea…

“A Very Electric SiXmas!”  and “Chill Out”.  There is a downside to this particular gift idea…  The gift won’t actually show up until late next year.  But that’s not uncommon with Kickstarter campaigns.

Let me explain a little bit about Kickstarter….  Kickstarter allows artists, writers, musicians, engineers…  All sorts of creative people crowd fund their own projects without turning to an institution like a record company or a book publisher.  When you support an artist on Kickstarter, there are huge benefits.  They will offer incentive packages at different price levels allowing you to participate in the creation of the project in multiple ways.  You can choose a level that allows you to choose a song for the tracklist, gain the title of Producer on the CD liner notes, perform with the band at a concert, buy exclusive memorabilia some of which are created exclusively for the project and not available anywhere else.  

Also as is often the case, Kickstarter can be the only place the music, literature or artwork is sold making it both highly collectible and rare.  There are so many amazing offers this time so don’t hesitate!  Jump in and pledge today!

In the coming days, we’ll get permission to show a video of the band performing the holiday classic, “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch!”  We hope you’ll join us in supporting this group and making sure their kids have food, warm beds and clothes on their backs!  Well, while selfishly indulging in the wonderful music they continue to create!  

Follow this link to check out the campaign:

If Electric Six isn’t your cup of tea, than stick around Kickstarter and search for other Holiday themed campaigns or find exclusive material from someone you admire and love!