LIME REALTY GROUP would like to draw your attention to a red flag warning for the Southern Utah area.  The National Weather Service has sent a warning that high winds and low humidity make us a high risk area for additional wild fires over the weekend.  But the danger doesn’t stop there.

The NWS continues to warn of thunderstorms and risky weather throughout the rest of the week as well.  That’s something we should all pay attention to because we need to do our part in order to make sure we avoid adding to the problem.

You can read the article published by St. George News by following this link:

For those of you who don’t want to read it, here are some of the things suggested in order to help prevent any man made fires during this high risk time:

1. Make sure all chains on moving vehicles of any kind are secure and don’t drag.  Anything metal dragging on the ground could cause sparks that ignite fires.

2. Campfires should only be lit in permitted areas and put out carefully when finished.

3. Make sure you’re firing weapons in safe areas without dry grass or fuels nearby.

4. Don’t smoke in fire risk areas.

5. Don’t weld, cut or grind metal in fire risk areas.

6. Use fireworks only when and where permissible in your area.

7. Learn and heed all fire restrictions for your region.

Following these basic rules can help avoid any man made problems in the upcoming week.  Be part of the community and help out.