LIME REALTY GROUP wants to take a minute and tell you about some schedule changes in the upcoming week.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the 24th of June is Pioneer Days in Utah!  Now if you tune back in tomorrow, we’ll share some information about just what that means.  But this year there’s a bit of a hitch and here’s why…

June 24th is a bank holiday in Utah.  But because it falls on a Sunday this year, the state will take it off on Monday the 25th.  Celebrations around the state will be postponed one day and on Monday morning, most bank and government offices will be closed to commemorate this day.

So be aware of this and try to plan your week accordingly.  Tomorrow we’ll explain a little more about this holiday and what events are happening locally for those interested in attending.

Until then have a great evening and enjoy the great weather!  Get out and have some fun!