LIME REALTY GROUP has been watching the hurricane activity on our Southern Coastlines daily.  It’s frightening to see so much damage and so many people suffering because of these hurricanes.

Our hearts, like many of yours, have been touched by the images and stories we’re hearing and seeing.  It’s so hard to know how to help or what to do.  We live so far away from all of it and we just can’t imagine what those people are actually going through.

The other day I was talking with a friend about the crisis and she brought up an interesting fact I wanted to share with all of you today.

Many of us are stepping up in so many ways.  We’re donating money, food, clothing, our time, etc.  There are so many volunteers and people in neighboring towns and cities who are opening their homes to help shelter those who’ve lost so much.  We think about all the ways we can help and yet one of the most vital is often overlooked.

We just wanted to remind you that crisis weather also brings with it emergency services responding to all kinds of accidents and problems people can find themselves in.  During these heightened periods of emergency response activity, one of the most important tools a doctor can have to assist a patient is running low in supply.

Won’t you please consider donating blood in addition to whatever efforts you’re making to help the victims of these tragic events?

The St. George American Red Cross local donation center is located at:  476 E. Riverside Dr. STE B-6, St. George, UT 84790.  Because of limited staff, they have unusual hours so call ahead to see when you can stop by.  1-800-733-2767.

Thanks for all your efforts!

The Lime Team!!!